Jolt Capital invests in BioSerenity, a leader in neurologicaldiagnostics and sleep disorders

  • This €24m investment will support the acceleration of international development and the deployment of cutting-edge A.I. in telemedicine.
  • This announcement is reinforced by the appointment of Vincent Marcel as CEO of BioSerenity.
  • This new investment is further evidence of Jolt Capital’s ambitions in the field of advanced healthcare data capture and processing.

Paris, 13 November 2023

Jolt Capital, an independent private equity firm specializing in growth investment in European deeptech companies, is investing €24m in BioSerenity, a specialist in connected medical devices and innovative medical services in electrophysiology.

Thanks to the relevance of its research, the services it has developed and its experts, BioSerenity has been able to differentiate itself and become a genuine benchmark in its market. This key investment for Jolt Capital is in line with its strategy of acquiring European companies with very high potential.

Jean Schmitt, Managing Partner and Chairman of Jolt Capital, comments: “Healthcare is one of the strategic sectors that needs to benefit from an acceleration in funding if we are to see French medical and industrial leadership emerge. This is why we are delighted to invest in BioSerenity, which has created the best medical devices and AI software on the market for electroencephalography. BioSerenity is a perfect example of Jolt Capital’s investment thesis. When a company has a proprietary base of market-proven, cuttingedge technologies, its ability to attract significant financing to support its development remains intact”.

Founded in 2014, BioSerenity has designed an unrivalled range of medical devices and software for electroencephalography. The company has also extended the scope of its innovative solutions to other fields, including sleep disorders. Today, with more than 300 partners and 150,000 patients treated each year, BioSerenity has become a leader in neurological diagnostics and sleep disorders.

“As we enter the next phase of our development, we are delighted to benefit from Jolt Capital’s recapitalization following the recent growth crisis” commented Pierre-Yves Frouin, Founder, and Samir Medjebar, General Manager Services in France. “In less than 10 years, our technology has helped more than a million patients and we have spearheaded innovation in the fields of ambulatory neurology, sleep and medical AI. This next step will allow us to bring our technology to more patients and continue to innovate.”

Jolt Capital’s investment of €24m will enable the company to accelerate the international development of its activities by building on its two main markets, France and the United States, and focusing on Europe. The funding will also be used to deploy even more powerful artificial intelligence to help doctors with their diagnoses. Finally, the company’s management team will be strengthened to drive BioSerenity’s development.

Vincent Marcel has been appointed CEO of the company: “I am impressed by the unique combination of disruptive technologies that BioSerenity has developed in the field of neurology and innovative patient care services. I look forward to leading the next stage of development, leaning on my experience in healthcare services and the strong commitment of Jolt Capital. Together with the BioSerenity teams, we will accelerate in Europe and the United States to bring personalized, preventive and cost-effective
medicine for neurological and sleep disorders.»

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