Neuronaute+ (CE and FDA cleared) enables you to receive data from various EEG Caps, like the BioSerenity IceCap

With its Extenders, it’s also compatible DB25 EEG Caps.

Once received, check the Electroencephalograms on our tablet app (Neuronaute Mobile Application for Android) and send it to our cloud (BioSerenity Cloud) to get a pre-scoring and request a Neurologist to interpret it (Neurophy Service available in France).

IceCap Extender (CE and FDA cleared)
DB25 Extender (CE and FDA cleared)
Touchpoint Extender (CE marking and FDA clearance requested)

Ready for ambulatory use

The Neuronaute Plus enables connecting several types of caps. 

It is used along with: 

• A battery and its charger 
• A holding band 
• An extender

Used with an IceCap or other compatible electrodes, you can use it for up to 72h recording for ambulatory use.

Neuronaute Mobile App

The mobile application is compatible with iOS and Android systems. 

The mobile application enables the healthcare professionals to access and manage the prescribed recording sessions. 

The Android version of the mobile application can only be used with the Neuronaute Plus. 

The iOS version of the mobile application can be used by Neuronaute and Neuronaute Plus.

The mobile APP is a class IIa medical device accessory.

Bioserenity-Link (B-Link)

B-Link is an application for Android devices enabling you to transform a smartphone into a video monitoring and recording station. This app sends the video data to the BioSerenity Cloud, which enables to add video recordings to the EEG recordings.  

BioSerenity Cloud

The cloud is a web-based information system that receives the EEG and video signals from the Neuronaute recorder and B-Link app through a paired Wi-Fi connection. 

The cloud platform enables long-term storage and display of the recorded signals.

The cloud platform is a class IIa medical device.

Neuronaute Classic

Prior to the more mobile Neuronaute+, we started with the Neuronaute Classic, combining the “Head Module” and the “BioAdapter”.

This solution is still actively used by Neurologists in France and the USA and is progressively replaced by the more modular and compact Neuronaute+.

Neuronaute® Head Module

The Head Module is a removable recorder composed of an electronic card in a plastic case. 

It connects to the BioAdapter, the CareCap or the IceBox using snap buttons located on its rear. 

The data is uploaded to a the BioSerenity cloud platform. 

The data acquired during a record is stored locally on the recorder and transferred to the cloud platform through Wi-Fi. 

The recorder is a class IIa medical device.

Neuronaute® BioAdapter

The BioAdapter is a device that enables connecting the following devices to a recorder and a battery to record and transmit data to the cloud platform: 

• a set of cup electrodes 

• any DB25 compatible EEG cap (via IceAdapter and DB25 cable) 

• an IceCap (via IceAdapter and DB25 cable)

Use Cases

Routine EEG in Clinics

Neuronaute+ can be used for shorter, routine EEG tests which are critical for diagnosing and assessing various neurological disorders. Its ease of setup and compatibility with multiple EEG caps make it an efficient tool for quick patient turnaround and high-volume clinical use.

Ambulatory EEG in Clinics

Thanks to its connectivity and small size, Neuronaute+ enables our technicians to perform on-demand EEGs in your hospital.

LTM Long Term Monitoring at Home

With the Neuronaute+, you can perform extended EEG monitoring in a patient’s home environment. It is particularly beneficial for chronic neurological condition monitoring, such as epilepsy (up to 72 hours recording and monitoring), where continuous data collection over several days is necessary. The integration with the BioSerenity Cloud ensures secure data handling and facilitates remote analysis by specialists, enhancing patient comfort and reducing the need for hospital visits.