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How we use cookies



A cookie is a file that may be stored on the hard disk of your terminal when you visit the Site. These small files may contain, for example, the browser language, the shopping basket and your preferences.
We place cookies on your terminals to enable You to browse the Site under optimum conditions and to restore your preferences when You are connected via their usual terminal, or to compile statistics.


We use cookies:

  • Navigation cookies, which are necessary for the proper technical operation of the Site, as they enable us to optimize the display of content from each terminal;
  • Functional cookies, which are not essential to the proper functioning of the Site, but optimize the experience on the Site by making it possible to memorize information relating to a form that You have filled in on the Site, or to adapt the Site’s presentation (in particular, the language used, the display resolution);
  • Analytics and audience measurement, which enable us to track Users’ browsing habits for optimization purposes. BioSerenity uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google, to improve the website’s performance. Google Analytics uses the data collected, in particular the number of visitors, the origin and the details of the pages visited, to monitor and study the use of the Site, and to prepare reports on activities. Google’s privacy policy is available under this link. The main cookies used are as follows:
    • Type : Purpose
    • GA: Distinguishes between unique visitors to the site by assigning a unique identifier to each visitor
    • GAT: Allows you to limit the rate of requests in order to limit data collection on high-traffic sites
    • GID: Used to distinguish between visitors
    • Gcl_au: Enables advertising effectiveness to be measured
    • 1P_JAR, CONSENT, NID: Group of cookies used to create statistics and track conversion rates.

BioSerenity also uses “Pardot” cookies from Salesforce to analyze Site activity. Salesforce’s privacy policy is available at this link. The cookies used are as follows:

  • Visitor_id < accountid > : Visitor cookie containing a visitor’s identifier
  • Visitor_id < accountid > -hash : Visitor hash cookie. This cookie is a security measure to ensure that a malicious user cannot simulate a pardot visitor and access the corresponding prospect information.
  • Pi_opt_in < accountid > : Allows you to define preferences for activating visitor tracking
  • lpv < accountid > : Prevents pardot from tracking multiple pages each time each time a page is reloaded within 30 minutes
  • Pardot : Session cookie used when a user accesses to a form

You can accept or refuse the deposit of cookies on your terminal using the banner provided for this purpose when You connect to the Site.
We do not store cookies that enable us to trace You or obtain IP addresses beyond twelve (12) months after the first deposit in your terminal.
You may delete cookies at any time using your browser software, or configure it to prevent them from being stored on your terminal.
Please refer to your browser’s help file to set the appropriate configuration. Browsing the Site without accepting cookies may be impaired.


Traffic data is generated when your terminal is connected to the Internet and to the Site.

This data may be used for statistical purposes in order to analyze Site traffic and improve the Site by adapting it to your needs. BioSerenity never uses traffic data by name.