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With a vast real-world database and decades of experience in clinical research, let us speed up your trials.

World Class Sleep Research, Leading Experts in Device Validation, Vast Real World Database

Our Mission

To provide industry leading knowledge, expertise, and infrastructure to conduct world class sleep-focused research studies.

Our Capabilities

Centralized Sleep Scoring

  • Comprehensive testing: 3 sleep labs and remote testing capabilities
  • AASM certified sleep technicians with ISR >85%
  • Expertise in multiple PSG/HST systems
  • Supports all trial phases with ready access to scored and raw data

Leverage Our Vast Sleep Database
Use our real-world database for expedited device and algorithm development

Analysis of vast data repository
for algorithm validation

PSG datasets
> 0
  • Simplify and accelerate the research and development process
  • Build patient cohorts to leverage data for refined reports and simplified insights
  • Develop and validate algorithms for sleep focused apps, wearables, and therapeutic devices
  • Characterize clinical sleep disorder phenotypes for precision medicine diagnosis and treatment

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Device validation for sleep staging
and the diagnosis of sleep disorders

  • Expertise in multiple PSG/HST systems

Protocol development, recruitment
and enrollment, and data management
of decentralized studies

Subject Repository
~ 0
  • Study design, protocol development, data analysis, and medical writing
  • Experienced team of research coordinators, project managers, and principal investigators – all with sleep medicine expertise
  • Decentralized capabilities facilitate research studies in geographically and demographically diverse populations

Sleep-Focused Research

Industry-leading knowledge and expertise to conduct world-class sleep-focused research studies.

What our Customers Are Saying

“BioSerenity did an amazing job in each of the dimensions noted – quality, speed, responsiveness, strategic input were all very impressive. The end result was a first-of-kind FDA clearance for interoperable AI analysis of PPG we’re very happy with.”

Chris Fernandez, Executive Chairman, Chief Research Officer – Ensodata, Inc.

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