The Sleep Focused Research Company

With a vast real-world database and decades of experience in clinical research, let us speed up your trials.

Our Mission

To provide industry leading knowledge, expertise, and infrastructure to conduct world class sleep-focused research studies.

Our Capabilities

Centralized Sleep Scoring

  • Comprehensive testing: 3 sleep labs and remote testing capabilities
  • AASM certified sleep technicians with ISR >85%
  • Expertise in multiple PSG/HST systems
  • Supports all trial phases with ready access to scored and raw data

Analysis of vast data repository
for algorithm validation

> 0
PSG datasets
  • Simplify and accelerate the research and development process
  • Build patient cohorts to leverage data for refined reports and simplified insights
  • Develop and validate algorithms for sleep focused apps, wearables, and therapeutic devices
  • Characterize clinical sleep disorder phenotypes for precision medicine diagnosis and treatment

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Device validation for sleep staging
and the diagnosis of sleep disorders

  • Expertise in multiple PSG/HST systems

Protocol development, recruitment
and enrollment, and data management
of decentralized studies

~ 0
Subject Repository
  • Study design, protocol development, data analysis, and medical writing
  • Experienced team of research coordinators, project managers, and principal investigators – all with sleep medicine expertise
  • Decentralized capabilities facilitate research studies in geographically and demographically diverse populations

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