About BioSerenity

About BioSerenity

BioSerenity is an integrated neuroscience platform. From the production of connected medical devices to collaborative telemedicine, it completes the range of care offered in the diagnosis of brain pathologies and adjacent fields such as sleep disorders and cardiology. It enhances current protocols through the appropriate use of artificial intelligence. 

Key Figures


physicians using our services every year to get a neurology, sleep or cardiology remote diagnostic


partner hospitals and clinics


tele-interpretations of electrophysiology examinations in 2023 (EEG, ECG, PSG) performed at the patient’s bedside, at home or in health centers


Sleep diagnostic centers performing Polysomnographies, respiratory polygraphy.


Vincent MARCEL


Simon Liu

Board of Directors

Jean Schmitt
Managing Partner & President
Jolt Capital

Antoine Trannoy

General Partner
Jolt Capital

Operating partner
Jolt Capital

Medical and Scientific Board

Pr Hervé Vespignani

Professor of Neurology, University of Lorraine, France
Chairman of the BioSerenity Medical and Scientific Committee

Pr Sylvie N'Guyen The Tich

Neuropediatrician, Head of Pediatric Neurology Department, Lille University Hospital, France
General Secretary of the French Society of Neuropediatrics

Pr Iona Mindruta

Neurologist, Head of the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at Bucharest University Hospital, Romania.

Pr Philippe Derambure

Neurologist, Deputy Head of Division and Head of Department, Clinical Neurophysiology – Epilepsy – EEG at Lille Hospital, France.

Pr Louis Maillard

Neurologist, Head of the Epileptology Unit at Nancy University Hospital, France

Pr Nicolas Gaspard

Professor and Head of Neurology Department, Erasmus Hospital, Brussels, Belgium



The birth of BioSerenity



Creation of the NEURONAUTE® connected textile at the Paris Brain and Spinal Cord Institute (APHP Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital) to improve diagnosis and monitoring of epilepsy.

Creation of Serenity medical services. First of all, a meeting with Pr Hervé Vespignani, neurologist at Nancy University Hospital who will be at the origin of the launch of the 1st production service & remote interpretation of electroencephalograms at destination hospitals. 30 Technicians and 20 neurologists at the neurological care in hospitals directly at the patient’s bedside!


Closer to patients



Opening of the first offices outside France, in the United States (Atlanta, Boston) and in China.

BioSerenity contributes to France effort to help caregivers during COVID

In response to the government’s call, Sérénité Protection Santé launched a mask production plant in Troyes,  dedicated to the production of FFP2 and surgical masks for healthcare professionals, creating nearly 150 jobs and producing millions of FFP2 masks.

Opening of the first offices outside France, in the United States (Atlanta, Boston) and in China.


Production of FFP2 masks



Our teams imagine the IceCap® : a single-use EEG headset suitable for all adult patients, which can be fitted in 10 minutes with no need for prior EEG training. A real innovation for medical teams needing this examination. This new step clearly demonstrates the brand’s commitment to to make daily life easier for caregivers!

Creation of BioSerenity Ateliers combining the production of innovative textiles for BioSerenity for the general public & support for companies in prototyping, from industrial design to the conception of specific textiles.


BioSerenity Ateliers



Launch of the second version of the Neuronaute EEG acquisition system : the Neuronaute+. More mobile. Smaller. More connected. Thanks to this range, BioSerenity responds to the challenge of medical wandering for electrophysiological care to the patient’s home.

Extension of the IceCap® range with the arrival of the pediatric version. BioSerenity covers all ages from neonatal to adult.


IceCap Neonatal


Jolt Capital+

Confident in the solutions and services developed by BioSerenity to address the problem of misdiagnosis, JOLT capital invests €24 million in BioSerenity.