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On or before 12/31/23, Amazon AWS (the upload repository for documents and PSG data through BioSerenity LR) will end support for all TLS encryption prior to version 1.2.  Prior to this date, any computers that upload documents or PSG data to BioSerenity LR will need to be compliant with the TLS v1.2 protocol.  

Fully updated versions of Windows 10 are compliant with this TLS version. This is the current supported operating system for use with the BioSerenity LR client software. 

It is also possible that previous versions of Windows (Windows 7, for example) are compliant with TLS version 1.2.  However, Windows 7 and all previous versions of Windows are no longer supported for use with the BioSerenity LR client, and we can make no guarantees regarding computers running these versions of Windows. 

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