At home sleep study

We are currently recruiting volunteers for an at-home data collection sleep study using various non-invasive devices. Volunteers with mild to severe apnea will be prioritized, however, healthy volunteers are welcome to apply. This study will consist of 34 days of at-home data collection with a non-invasive device while you sleep. Several video check-ins will be required during the course of the study. Compensation is up to $2,360 for study completion.

Requirements (at the time of screening):


– Cannot have an active COVID infection.

– Decisional-impaired participants cannot participate (No surrogate consenting is allowed).

– Participant must understand written and spoken English.

– Participant cannot have tattoos in area of wrist where the device would be worn; individuals with tattoo on only one wrist may participate if device is worn on non-tattooed wrist.

– Cannot have planned travel across 2 or more time zones during the during study participation.

– Cannot have planned travel away from home for more than 5 days during the study period.

– Cannot be employed doing overnight rotating shift work.

– Cannot have an active and adherent to treatment for sleep apnea (e.g., PAP, dental appliance, Hypoglossal nerve stimulator).

– Cannot be on overnight supplemental oxygen use.

– Cannot have plans to start treatment for sleep apnea within the study timeframe.

Currently Scheduling:



– All genders

– Ages 18+



– Virtual Screening

– 2 Home Sleep Tests (HST)

– 34 days of data collection

– Short daily surveys via the device

– Several video check-ins over the course of the study




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Requests for home sleep test results should be directed to your ordering provider 7 days after the completion of your home sleep test.

For all other inquiries, please fill out the form below or give us a call at (800) 753-3763.